Vicki McGrail-Gamble

As my bus arrived at school, my stomach had butterflies in it. Those butterflies must have been playing catch because my stomach was going crazy. I got off and looked for the red dinosaur. We got a letter in the mail that said I had to find the sign with a red dinosaur on it. It matched my name tag that they gave me the night I met my teacher. I got in line behind a little boy with red hair. He turned around and looked at me funny and then stuck his tongue out at me!“Kenny,” the teacher said, “Turn around.”“Oh brother,” I thought, “This isn’t starting out very well.”A few more kids got in line before our teacher held up her hand for us to go into the school and find our class.We walked into the classroom and I found my seat right away. I remembered where I sat because my mom and dad brought me for “Meet your Teacher Night.” As I sat down at the little round table, the red-haired boy found his name and sat right across from me.“Oh great,” I thought.Another little girl sat next to me with long blonde hair. A boy with spiky brown hair, I found out his name is Mickey, sat on the other side of her. After we were all settled, we were told to put everything in our cubbies except our crayons.“Finally things are looking up,” I thought.